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TSM is an equal opportunity employer.

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If employed, I agree to the following:
I understand that my employment at Total Security Management is not pursuant to as express or implied agreement. It is an Employment-At-Will. I may terminate my employment for any or no cause. I understand and acknowledge that Total Security Management may terminate my services on the same basis.
I authorize Total Security Management to make such investigations and inquiries or my personal employment and/or medical history and other related matters as may be necessary in making an employment decision. I hereby authorize any and all release to employers, school or persons from all liability in responding to inquiries in connection with my application. If a state license or registration is required, the cost of the license will be at my expense (unless prohibited by law).
I will accept job assignments based on the company’s needs and requirements to which may include working nights, weekends and holidays. I also may be subjected to change of shift and work locations. If an employment or return to work physical examination is required. I agree to undergo such an examination.
If I ever make a claim against Total Security Management for personal injuries, I agree to submit an examination by physicians selected by Total Security Management as often as necessary. If I am unable to work due to injury or illness, I agree that Total Security Management may require from a doctor of their choice, certification that I am unable to perform my job duties.
If I falsify or become a party to falsification of time keeping records or any other records required by Total Security Management, I shall be immediately discharged and will be subjected to legal action. While employed by Total Security Management I will not work or assist any other competing company during my term of employment.
If for any reason my employment is terminated with Total Security Management, I will not solicit any business or a competitor of Total Security Management for a period of six months after termination of my employment within 100 miles from any location where I worked. I agree to hold harmless and to indemnify Total Security Management for any liability and damages to other persons or property as a result of my actions, employment or lack of job performance.
All new security personnel may be required to satisfactory complete a pre-employment physical including a urinalysis and other tests for drugs, alcohol abuses and psychological tests, as a condition of my employment. I understand that my signature below shall constitute a complete release to any laboratory, hospital or other person or entity performing such drug or alcohol testing to provide the results thereof to Total Security Management for the use in connection with its hiring consideration of me.